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I'm most passionate about photography and storytelling to empower vulnerable women and children, specifically those who have come out of human trafficking and exploitation.
I started using photography as a means to give back when I received my camera in 2014. I had just returned home from being in the Philippines working with a ministry that rescues women and children and knew that I could make a difference using the resources I had at home. I was gifted a camera and started offering shoots to send support back to the women I worked with. My business took off and I have been shooting ever since! Since then I have had the honor of traveling all over the world connecting with amazing ministries and sharing stories of hope and redemption.
One of my favorite memories from doing this type of work was from when I had the privilege of helping lead a creative conference for women and children that had been rescued from the sex trade in the Philippines. During my photography workshop, the participants and I went outside to explore and shoot. I wanted to create an atmosphere for their voices to be empowered and their creativity to come to life so after shooting we all shared about the images we captured. When the participants shared about their images, many represented freedom, hope, beauty, and healing. It was an amazing feeling to see how creativity can bring healing and restoration!
My platform and resources are not only to be used to share stories of hope, but also provide resources and empower others to see that they have the potential and ability to create and make a difference in the world.
Social media and technology are amazing tools to spread awareness and cultivate community all around the world. It is a gateway for your voice and the voice of others to be heard and valued.
I really believe that when we share powerful images birthed from a place of passion, share our hearts for causes and give those who feel hidden a platform to be known and seen, we can change the world. You don’t have to wait for a large following to make a difference. No one carries your experiences or perspectives like you do. Your voice is one of a kind so don’t be afraid to share your passions and your heart!

Wipe Every Tear exists to bring freedom, hope, and a future to women trafficked in the sex trade in the Philippines. They want to pave a way for healing through education, relationship building, safe homes, and job opportunities. They work alongside each woman as she transitions out of the sex trade into a new life of freedom.


Killian started her photography business after spending some time in the Philippines working with women who had been rescued from human trafficking. Her greatest hope is that she can use her talents and creative ability to support and empower women all over the world through photography.