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I am passionate about ministering to women and working to end human-trafficking and the oppression of women across the globe. I also have a heart for educating women about holistic health and fitness including healthy hearts, minds and bodies! Lastly, the Lord has placed a deep passion in me to help others find freedom from shame and instead live in the joyful light and hope that He offers to all!
There’s a quote that aligns so closely with my heart that says, “The act of creating is tethered to our identity as humans. If Imago Dei is true, and I believe it is, then we are creators at our core. It reminds us of who we are and frees us to give outward expression to the intricacies of our identity. I create because it brings meaning, authenticity and joy to my life and the lives of others. Creation is life giving and gives glory where glory is due. Therefore, I want to be a part of that purpose.”
I fully believe that Christ has created us as creators at our core, and when partnered with a heart that mirrors that of Christ’s- one burdened for injustice, the unreached, the orphan and the oppressed, we mirror Him and His likeness in the most intimate of ways. This is a sweet spot and one that requires vulnerability, faith and deep trust in our own Creator. I have had the incredible blessing of experiencing these sweet spot moments at various points in my life and can vouch that there’s nothing else quite like it.
In my heart of hearts I know this is what I’ve been created and called to do. It is this type of work that makes me truly come alive creatively and it feels most natural on a human to human level. I am able to connect with others in a way that wasn’t before possible, and it opens doors for stories to be shared and prayers to be prayed.


Beauty for Ashes is a freedom business located in Nepal working to end human trafficking and reach women currently trapped in trafficking by teaching, ministering and creating jobs in order to give Nepali women hope for a future outside of prostitution and trafficking.


Bethany is a missionary in training, documentary photographer, summer loving, essential oil using, Midwest girl currently residing in snowy Minnesota. She is currently preparing to head to southeast Asia for a 16 month internship before graduating with a degree in Intercultural Ministries, Bible and Theology and Social Justice. She has a heart for reaching oppressed women, holistic health and fitness, and of course, visual storytelling! Ever since she was little, she has been fascinated with light, colors and cultures, and it has been such a wild ride as the Lord has faithfully led and opened doors for her to serve Him in ways that make her creative heart sing. She desires to bring glory to the Lord and reach the unreached through the power of creativity and photojournalism.